Job Seekers

How the process works

01. It’s all about you

Whether you’re just starting to think about your next job, or have decided you are ready to get moving straight away, we work with you to develop a plan of action.

This involves finding out:

  • The more technical aspects about your experience, skills and work history
  • Pinning down your motivations for looking for a new job.
  • Your short and long-term progression aims
  • The workplace culture you prefer
  • The type of companies that interest you

Our recruiters place a great deal of importance on really understanding your values and goals so that we can ensure we seek out the most suitable opportunities for you.

02. The search is on

We’ll need an up-to-date copy of your CV, and can help you tailor it if needed to make sure it gets noticed. We then search our database of current vacancies for the type of positions and employers you’re looking for, and will be actively contacting companies we know would appreciate your skills and experience.

Our recruiters have a deep insight into their respective sectors and are often the first to know when a new opportunity arises. We keep you posted with regular updates about the opportunities we are investigating for you, and will always be fully transparent and truthful about what a potential vacancy will entail. If it’s not quite right, we move on – our focus is on getting you what you want.

03. Strut your stuff

When you are invited for interviews, we’re on-hand to help you prepare. We know that this can be an anxious time, so we’ll be sure to brief you on everything we know about the company you’ll be meeting, and will keep in touch regularly to provide support and constructive feedback.

04. Sealing the deal

We celebrate with you when you get an offer of employment! Once we get the great news that you have got the job, our dedicated ‘On Boarding’ team will step in to do just that – get you on board smoothly.

We’ll also help you to negotiate your contract and terms and conditions, set you up for orientation and induction days, and coordinate the completion of any necessary paperwork to make sure you get you off to a flying start within your new company.

05. Let’s keep in touch

We’ve built a strong working relationship by now, and that’s important to us. Once your new job begins we are still on hand to offer post-placement support and will touch base with you to see how things are going.

If you are ready to find your happy workplace, get in touch:

T: 0330 333 5074 | 02392 816 899